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Penn signs Sock licensing agreement with JBL !

Sport News:

Date: September 4, 2017

Penn, the famous maker of the worlds #1 tennis balls, has signed a multi year agreement with JBL’s sock division, Essie Legwear, to manufacture and distribute socks for men's, ladies, children and baby for the USA and Canada. 

Penn will release a formal Press Release soon.


JumpBall teams up with Essie Legwear for Socks!

Sports World:

April 20, 2017: 

Essie Legwear signs the well known basketball brand JumpBall for Socks & Compression sleeves for men's, ladies, boys and girls for distribution in North America.

JumpBall best known for their 3 on 3 games throughout the USA and Europe has started to expand it's licensing program in recent months.

Essie Legwear is known for making a great, innovative product, we are excited to align with them, said Kevin Hill, Vp of Licensing at JumpBall.

Joey Levy, Ceo at Essie Legwear, I've known 3x3 ball for many years, following their rapid growth, we feel it's a perfect time to capitalize on that momentum. 

Sweet Girl & American Boy

Sweet Girl & American Boy signs agreement with Essie for boys & girls socks!

Fashion News:

February 10, 2017

Sweet Girl & American Boy, a well known boys & girls fashion apparel brand has expanded again, this time into socks and hosiery. Essie, an established legwear company has signed a 5 year license for boys & girls and toddler socks & hosiery for USA & Canada. The line will launch in Fall 2017.


Essie Legwear launches Essie, Essie girl & Essie baby Socks!

License Market:

November 4, 2016

Essie has launched its eponymous label Essie, Essie girl, Essie baby, in socks, slippers and pre walkers.

The company has had many inquiries about the brand, many customers like the name and we have decided to make use of the trademarks we own. The name is actually one of the partners wife namesake we always felt it was a cool name to market.

Product will hit retail stores in Fall 2018. 


LockerRoom Athletics signs license with Essie for Sport Socks!

Sport News:

September 18, 2016

LockerRoom Athletics, a well known sports brand, has signed its forth licensee this quarter. The exclusive license agreement allows Essie Legwear, well known for making quality product, to produce socks, compression legwear for me through boys, in North America through 2022.

Essie approached us with a very creative proposal both in product and distribution, it fit our target demographic and current placement, said Jerry Wilson, EVP of LRA.

Product will launch in Fall 2018 at select retailers.

Donna Lóren

Donna Lôren signs Essie for Legwear!

March 4, 2016 

Fashion brand Donna Lòren signs a multi year license agreement with Essie Legwear for Socks, Hosiery for ladies, girls and infants.

The company is a leader in the space, they have outstanding quality and designs, we believe their unique design ability and retail relationships will help elevate this new extension of our thriving brand, commented Michael Lòren, CEO, Donna Lòren.

We believe the Lôren brand heritage will make it easy us to design and connect with the brands deep histor. We are excited to grow this new catagory, commented Joey Levy, CEO of Essie.