Welcome to Essie Legwear
A division of Crest brands

Mission Statement

We have been groomed in the Legwear business since our inception. Since that time we have developed into leaders in the Sock & Hosiery industry. We started as a niche player, selling specialty chains and in over the last decade we evolved into a major supplier to retailers in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Sales & Planning

Our Sales & Planning team works closely with our retailers to ensure we maximize on capturing every dollar the consumer wants to spend. We understand that without product on the peg, the customer will spend the money elsewhere.


We believe that to stay leaders we must constantly be evolving!

Our Design, R&D, Production, Planning & Sales teams are based in our "state of the art" NYC office. Our Sourcing, Social Compliance & QC Teams are based in China. 

Our Design team is constantly shopping fashion markets in Europe & Asia to ensure we have the best designs, color trends and packaging ideas.

Office Locations: New York, Shanghai, Barcolona and Japan.